How it works

How to start lessons at Ygreck

You need to perform only a couple of simple steps in order to start education at Ygreck school:

Sign up

Schedule a free trial lesson in your personal account

Wait for my call on Skype at the scheduled time

After having a trial lesson you can now pay for the lessons and schedule your education

What is need for the lessons at Ygreck

    • Headset

      Headset (headphones with microphone) or loudspeakers with microphone are required for our lessons. Webcam is a desirable option.

    • Internet

      Stable internet connection is extremely important for a successful education so you need to verify that your internet speed is higher than specified here.

    • Skype

      You also need free of charge program Skype. Download it and create an account.


How can I schedule a lesson?

Can I schedule all my lessons at once?

Can I cancel the lesson?

What if I'm running late?

What will happen if I skipped lesson?